Sit less and move more!

On Your Feet Britain – Convert your sitting time to standing time! Regular exercise and a balanced diet hold enormous benefits for your health, both now and in the future! Being active isn’t easy for everyone; an injury or condition may prevent you for exercising easily or maybe you just lack the time, energy or motivation. However there are simple changes we can make to convert our sitting time to standing time!

In support of On Your Feet Britain, our physiotherapists have prepared some handy tips to combat the inactivity caused by a desk job! 



By keeping your muscles toned and flexible, your body will be more able to cope with physical stresses. Your body will not only be stronger, but also more stable which will make you less prone to injuries and illness.


Just make some simple changes, the easy way and reap in the benefits! On your feet Britain isn’t just for a day; it’s the beginning of your healthy future!


Date: 26/04/2017