We provide Aquatic Physiotherapy (Hydrotherapy) to treat patients with a range of neurological conditions and more general rehabilitation requirements. The buoyancy of water gives people the ability to move more freely, and is a gradual yet very effective way to build your muscle strength and balance.

Physiotherapists will assess your suitability for Hydrotherapy and develop a course of 30-minute therapy sessions that are tailored to your needs. The Hydrotherapy Pool is kept at a constant water temperature of 35 degrees and is equipped with a mechanical hoist for those patients that might need help to enter and leave the pool. The water is shallow (no more than 1.4 metres deep) and a Physiotherapist is always present to guide you through each exercise and to provide emotional support.

There are some very specific benefits from Hydrotherapy, including improved mobility and a reduced fear of falling, improved balance and coordination, reduced pain and muscle spasms, extended range of movement and improved posture.

Self referrals are accepted for Hydrotherapy.

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