Sterile Services

The Sterile Services Unit at Parkside Hospital provides a high quality, same day sterilisation service for all of the equipment and instruments used throughout the Hospital, and to a small number of other users at a competitive price.

Why choose Parkside Hospital for sterilisation services?

The current Product Liability legislation for medical devices requires users of reusable instruments to be able to record when and how sterilisation has occured between applications. Inadequate sterilisation processes can increase the risk of cross contamination and harm to patients.

Outsourcing your sterilising requirements means transferring the responsibility for complying with national standards to Parkside Hospital. As a smaller provider, the Hospital can often provide a faster turnaround time than its larger competitors, and can offer a more personalised service around your requirements.

The Accreditation and Decontamination process

The Sterile Services Unit at Parkside Hospital is Medical Devices Directive (MDD/93/42/EEC), ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accredited and strives to offer a premium service to all its users through a system of comprehensive checks, including product and raw materials bioburden testing, environmental particulate and microbiological testing. Where appropriate, the Total Viable Count and Endotoxin levels for water supplies and other fluids is also subject to regular testing. All equipment and machinery used during the sterilisation process is subject to planned preventative maintenance, in order to meet national and European legislation.

To find out more about how the Unit could support your practice, please contact Tim Cole, Hospital Sterile Services Manager on 020 8971 8000, ext. 8628,