Rapid Access Knee Clinic

Parkside Private Hospital is a leading orthopaedic treatment centre with expert consultants providing a range of treatments with full diagnostic support onsite.  At Parkside we appreciate a knee injury is an unexpected and significant event and have set up the Rapid Access Knee Clinic which is the first positive step to helping a patient recover from an injury and return to an active lifestyle.


Our Rapid Access Knee Clinic ensures you receive the care you need with minimal delay and includes:

  1. An assessment by a specialist Consultant Knee Surgeon
  2. An MRI to determine the exact nature of your injury
  3. A follow-up discussion about your diagnosis and treatment plan


What are the benefits of the Rapid Access Knee Clinic?

The greatest benefit is your assessment, imaging, review appointment and diagnosis are all completed on the same day. Treatment can be started immediately and you will have a clear idea
of the severity of your injury, the likely recovery and when you can return to sport. Traditionally patients would have had separate appointments on different days to be assessed, scanned and then
reviewed. Not only is this physically challenging with a painful knee but it is also a time of great anxiety waiting to find out how severe the injury is, and how long recovery will take. Streamlining the process into a couple of hours makes the journey simpler, faster and gets the best evidence-based treatments started straight away.


 Full package cost: £1,150*

*Price includes consultation, MRI and diagnosis


Rapid Access Knee Clinic Consultants