Hip Problems

Although usually associated with older people, hip problems can in fact affect anybody at any age. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of hip condition, attacking the cartilage in the hip joint and causing the bones to rub painfully together. Other causes of hip problems include sports injuries, falls and may be a result of a congenital disease.

If you are having issues with your hip you’ll probably find moving around a lot harder – and a lot more painful. Walking, bending and even standing can all be very uncomfortable.

Whatever symptoms you are suffering from, it is worth getting in touch. We can offer comprehensive, fast and specialist orthopaedic treatment for all kinds of hip problems from joint inflammation to arthritis, cartilage damage to bone trauma.

Our highly trained orthopaedic specialists, orthopaedic nurse specialists and hip surgeons are renowned in their area of expertise. They can offer reassurance, peace of mind and support throughout diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care.

The services available include rapid, point-of-care diagnostic imaging or screening of your hip to support an early diagnosis. This may include using the very latest MRI scanning facilities, ultrasound or conventional X-rays.

Once a diagnosis has been made, our orthopaedic specialists can suggest any follow-up treatment that you may need. The surgical treatment may be a complete hip joint replacement which involves replacing the neck of the femur with a metal stent and artificial ball and lining the acetabular with a metal cup. The artificial implant may be metal with plastic lining or ceramic on ceramic bearing.

If your arthritis is not so advanced, your hip may be suitable for resurfacing surgery. This involves only a resurfacing procedure of the head of the femur and lining of the acetabular. The artificial implant for this procedure is a metal-on-metal bearing.

Our team also works closely with our musculoskeletal physiotherapists to help you to get back to full fitness as quickly as possible.

At Parkside Hospital we can treat all manner of hip problems and injuries – not just the ones you may have read about. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, then please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hip Problems Consultants