Entropion and Ectropion Repair

This page will provide you with information about entropion and ectropion repair. For further details, please speak to your consultant.

What are entropion and ectropion?

Entropion is a medical condition where your eyelid turns in. This causes your eyelashes to rub against the cornea leading to irritation, pain and watering eyes.

Ectropion is a condition where your eyelid turns out and does not touch your eye, which can lead to redness, irritation, watering or dryness (see Figure 1).

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These problems are usually caused by ageing, but can also be caused by scar tissue pulling your eyelid out of position. Usually only the lower eyelid is affected.

What are the benefits of surgery?

After the procedure, your eyelid should be in a better position and any symptoms of irritation, dryness or watery eyes should improve.

What are the alternatives to surgery?

For mild cases, surgery might not be required. Eye drops and ointments can be used to protect the surface of your eye. Alternatively, your surgeon may recommend a special soft contact lens for you to wear.

If you have entropion, your surgeon may recommend several alternatives to surgery. This could include using a sticking tape to prevent your eyelashes from rubbing against your eye or using stiches to prevent your eyelid from turning in.

What will happen during the operation?

The operation is a minor procedure and is carried out under a local anaesthetic.

If the ectropion is caused by tight skin or scar tissue, your surgeon may need to use a skin graft, taken from either the top eyelid or from skin behind your ear, and attaching it to your lower eyelid to support it.

If treating entropion, your surgeon may need to remove a small section of your eyelid where the tissues have slackened.

The operation usually takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on whether the operation involves both eyes and if a skin graft is required.

Risks and complications

Any risks or complications will be discussed in advance of your treatment with your expert consultant.


As an outpatient procedure, you should be able to return home after a few hours.

After the surgery be careful not to get your eyelid wet, perform strenuous exercise or bend down until the stitches are removed.

Do not wear any eye make-up or drink alcohol for a few weeks, and try to keep your face out of the sun.

Although the results of an entropion or ectropion repair will last for a long time, remember that as you get older the skin of your eyelids will continue to slacken and the problem could potentially return.



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