Seeing you quicker.. listening longer

The Private GP Surgery is open 6 days a week with appointments available from early morning until evening. All patients are welcome, whether they are registered with us or not.

More choice

Our Private GP Consultations give you the choice and flexibility to access the service as a one-off or regularly and offer more time to discuss your concerns than your usual NHS GP.  Our Private GP’s can provide all the medical care you would expect to receive from a GP with the additional reassurance that you will be seeing a highly experienced doctor for an appointment that will be totally confidential, convenient and not rushed.

Ease of access to our onsite Diagnostic Centre, phlebotomy and pharmacy

If you require any imaging or diagnostic tests, these can be carried out on-site at our diagnostic imaging suite and usually on the same day following on from your consultation.

We can take care of everything from blood tests and urine analysis, through to X-ray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, DXA scanning and health screening.

In addition, any prescriptions can be conveniently collected on-site following your appointment.

Fast access to specialist consultants

You will have fast access to over 300 Consultant experts who are leading specialists in a range of medical disciplines for any follow on care, if required.

International patients

The Private GP Surgery is available to everyone, so if you’re a visitor to London or Surrey and need a doctor’s appointment at short notice, our highly experienced team of GP’s can ensure you’re seen promptly for assessment and treatment.


For more information on our GPs and the services offered click here.