Elipse Gastric Balloon

Elipse Gastric Balloon is a revolutionary ‘procedureless’ gastric balloon weight loss treatment, which takes just 15 minutes from start to finish and requires NO surgery, endoscopy, or anaesthesia.

6 month programme

Elipse is not just a device – it is a fully monitored 6 month weight loss programme which includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.

How Elipse works

The Elipse balloon is simply swallowed in form of a soft capsule attached to a tube. Then an X-ray will determine that the balloon is in the correct position and the balloon will be filled using 550ml purified water. Once the balloon is full, the tube is removed.

A full balloon in the stomach gives the sensation of fullness and suppresses your appetite. This makes it easier to adjust to smaller portion sizes as part of a weight loss programme.

There is no removal process for the Elipse gastric balloon – it is simply passed naturally 16 weeks (4 months) after insertion.

Elipse video

Elipse removal procedure

There is no removal procedure with Elipse gastric balloon, it is expelled by the body’s natural processes after around 4 months.


Typically with Elipse you can expect to lose 10-20 kg in 16 weeks with a waistline reduction of around 8cm. Elipse is an effective and safe treatment which can really help you to kick-start your weight loss journey You are supported at the earliest stage so that you will be able to see real results and learn the habits of healthy eating to enable you to continue once the Elipse is no longer there.


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