Injectable Fillers

If you are looking for a non-surgical way to turn back the clock, injectable fillers are an ideal way to create a more youthful appearance. Injectable fillers are a treatment to ‘fill in’ or smooth out the lines, creases and wrinkles on your face, as well as increase fullness to narrow lips and sunken cheeks.

Areas which respond well to treatments include:

  • Forehead lines and horizontal frown lines
  • Vertical frown lines that appear between the eyebrows (Glabellar lines)
  • Wrinkles and lines around the eyes (crow’s feet and laughter lines)
  • Folds running between mouth and nose (nasio-labial lines or smile lines)
  • Lines down from the corners of the mouth (Marionette lines)
  • Lips, which can be filled to make a more defined shape
  • Injury or acne scarring
  • Cheeks, which can be made fuller for a healthier appearance

What will happen during the procedure?

There are many different types of ‘fillers’ available, and the effects from these can be either temporary or permanent. All are administered by way of a number of small injections and the treatment should take between 30 minutes and one hour. Your consultant will be able to advise you on what types of filler will be best for you to achieve the desired result.


Although the treated area is likely to be tender and swollen for a short while after the procedure, you can usually return to your regular activities immediately after your treatment.


This page is intended for information purposes only and should not replace advice that your relevant health professional would give you.