Chin Refinement

Chin refinement surgery can be carried out on both men and women, with the aim of refining the chin by either making it bigger or smaller. It could also involve simply re-shaping it in a bid to make it more in proportion to the rest of their face.

It is unsurprisingly quite common for a person to consider undergoing nose reshaping surgery if they are unhappy with their facial profile; however, it could be that it is actually the profile of the chin that needs alteration. Changing the shape of the chin can help to balance a facial profile as much as reshaping the nose can, so should never be overlooked as one possible avenue to explore when considering a change.

The surgery – known as Mentoplasty – can either increase or decrease the size of the chin. Increases to the size of the chin use an implant which is inserted into the chin area; while if a chin needs a reduction in size then there are various procedures that can be done depending on the amount of work needed. The most minimal procedure available could involve simply removing some excess tissue and performing a slight reduction of the bone size. Some of the more substantial procedures available can involve the insertion of an implant as mentioned above, or increased bone reduction or resetting. Your personal consultant will be able to advise you on the most suitable procedure for you and your desired outcome.

What will happen during the procedure?

General anaesthetic is generally used for chin refinement procedures, and you may also be required to stay overnight in the hospital due to the delicate nature of the operation. Cuts will be made inside the mouth to remove some of the bone, insert an implant or re-position the chin point.


It may be that you experience some initial swelling in the area and may therefore need to book some time off work for rest and recuperation. Your surgeon will advise you on if this is necessary.


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