Breast Augmentation

The most popular method of cosmetic surgery in the UK is breast enlargement, also referred to as breast augmentation or breast implants. The media paints a picture of breast enlargement surgery that is very different to the reality. Instead of noticeable and dramatic differences in cup size, many women actually choose to opt for subtle procedures, enhancing the natural contours of their breasts to increase fullness and firmness.

Breast Enlargement Surgery – FAQs

Is breast enlargement right for me?

There are a number of reasons women choose breast enlargement surgery. Some may feel their breasts have not developed to a size they are happy with and wish to feel more confident when wearing certain clothing and swimwear. Others wish to balance out asymmetry (one breast larger than the other) or to restore fullness and shape after a pregnancy or nursing. Breast enlargement surgery can also help to reconstruct breasts.

The decision to undergo breast enlargement surgery is a personal one that should be considered carefully. Our medical team can provide expert advice and guidance, based on what you hope to achieve, to ensure you make the right decisions for you.

What happens in the lead up to breast enlargement surgery?

You will undergo an in-depth consultation process to help you choose the size and shape you want from your new breasts. You will also learn about the pros and cons of the different types of implants we have on offer so that you can reach a decision you are comfortable with and are fully aware of what to expect from the procedure. We only offer high quality implants that have been FDA approved.

What size will my bust be after surgery?

This entirely depends on you and your specific requirements although your consultant will be on hand to provide expert advice on what might work best for your size and frame as well as detailing what you might expect from the results.

How will my breasts be enlarged?

Breast enlargement surgery takes place under general anaesthetic and generally takes around one or two hours. The procedure tends to involve the creation of small incisions beneath each breast where there is a natural crease in your skin. It is through these incisions that the implants are inserted and positioned. Finally, your surgeon will seal the incisions with sutures.

What can I expect from the recovery process?

There will be one night in hospital following your operation. Expect to feel sore and a certain amount of swelling and/or bruising directly after the breast enlargement procedure. However, our medical team will ensure you have all the details you require to take care of yourself and keep discomfort to a minimum, providing prescribed medication if necessary.

We advise you to give yourself one or two weeks at home and off work so you can rest and recover. Any strenuous lifting or physical activity must be avoided in the first few weeks following surgery. You will get a clearer picture of your new breasts as the healing process continues – the swelling will go down and the implants will settle into a natural looking position.

The hospital will also supply a supportive, surgical bra which must be worn for a certain amount of time.

Will I be able to see the scars?

Your surgeon will endeavour to tuck the incisions in the natural crease beneath your breasts but there will be scars when they heal. However, these will be hidden from view when you are wearing underwear and swimwear as they are directly underneath the breast. Over the next  six to twelve months, these scars will fade to a more natural skin tone.

What are the fees for breast enlargement surgery?

This too is dependent on your specific requirements. If you believe that this could be the cosmetic surgery procedure for you, contact us now to book a consultation and receive a quote.

This page is intended for information purposes only and should not replace advice that your relevant health professional would give you.