Race day is here! Expert race day tips from our Physiotherapist Team

For all of those who are partaking in Prudential Ride London this weekend, firstly we’re all sending you our good luck wishes from Parkside Hospital and a big congratulations for getting this far.

Some of us are also partaking in the race, so we’ll be eagerly cheering you on during the ride – expect some cheers as you ride past the hospital on Parkside, Wimbledon too!

Whether it’s your first race or another of the many medals you’ve been awarded, we’ve spoken with Rahma Barclay, one of our Senior Physiotherapists who has shared some expert race day tips for you below.

  • Whilst your adrenaline may be pumping and you’re transfixed on that start line waiting to get going, it is crucial to warm up. Do pay particular attention to your hips, your knees, both ankles, your shoulders and your neck – it’s a long ride so don’t leave one of them out

During the race:
  • Use electrolytes with your water – this will promote hydration, improve performance and help with your recovery
  • Use gels, energy bars etc. Aim to consume one of these every 30-45mins during the ride even if you’re not hungry
  • Stay left and be vocal in the group to avoid collisions
  • Use the peloton to save energy and stick to a pace you can maintain – aim to be slightly out of breath, but still able to converse, it’s not fun if you can’t have a good natter on route!
  • Enjoy it!

  • Once you’ve finished you’ll be mixed with emotions of excitement of what you’ve just achieved combined with exhaustion. Do take time to cool down with stretches afterwards! This will help restore your cardiovascular system and body temperature slowly to normal resting rate. Just like the warm up, don’t rush it!
  • A cool down after the race should include some gentle static stretches of the muscles used during the cycle so focus on your glutes, quads/RF, calf muscles, hamstrings and your back. This cool down will assist you lowering your heart and breathing rate. It will also help remove toxins that build up in the muscles during sport (lactic acid) which leads to that muscle soreness and cramping (nobody likes being awoken in the night with leg cramps!) and finally and most importantly it will decrease the risk of muscle injury
  • Finally, assist your body with its recovery with plenty of protein and green veg and even more electrolytes


If you have any last minute questions or want to share your experience of the race with us message us @ParksideHosp we’d be delighted to hear from you!


Date: 29/07/2016