Physiotherapy following stroke

If a stroke causes damage to the part of the brain which controls movement, a patient can present with a variety of different symptoms, including weakness, lack of co-ordination, altered sensation, and reduced balance.


Physiotherapy can address these issues through individually tailored exercises, and hands-on treatment. Physiotherapy is an important part of rehabilitation, using techniques such as exercise, manipulation, massage and skills training, to help heal and recover movement.


At Parkside Hospital, the focus of physiotherapy is to learn to use both sides of your body and regain as much strength and movement as possible.  In the early days, the patient will benefit from intense therapy, then, over time the patient will be able to carry out an exercise programme more independently.


The entire physiotherapy journey is individually tailored to you, so you’ll be set a number of goals which take into account your priorities, hopes and plans to ensure treatment is focussed on the things which are important to you. Ultimately, we ensure that physiotherapy helps maximise your independence and quality of life after stroke.


For more details on physiotherapy after stroke, contact our physiotherapy team on 020 8971 8000






Date: 24/05/2017