Pelvic Floor Service

We have established a new pelvic floor service at Parkside Hospital, under the leadership of Professor Devinder Kumar. This service is specifically for patients with bowel and/or bladder related pelvic floor problems and will be nurse-consultant led with multi-disciplinary consultant support.

The aim of the new service is to provide high quality, patient focussed care that conforms to National Guidelines and improves patient preferences and experiences. It will continue to allow patient choice in the provider of their specialist secondary care.

All referrals will be triaged by a nurse consultant, supported by PFD/colorectal and uro-gynaecology consultants. Patients will be directed to appropriate integrated pathways and in some cases will require direct referral for further secondary care-based specialist diagnostic investigations. The nurse consultant will triage results, instigate and follow up conservative therapies and refer fully investigated patients on to specialist medical consultations, as indicated through shared protocols.

Following referral, the patient will attend the pelvic floor clinic for outpatient consultation, investigation and first line conservative management. Investigations that can be provided on site will be undertaken at the initial consultation, to provide a one-stop service for patients. It is acknowledged that some diagnostic investigations cannot be provided locally and patients will need to access these via secondary care.

First line management will involve a range of conservative management strategies and will be recommended in accordance with national guidelines. Patients failing first line therapies will require onward referral to a uro-gynaecologist and/or colorectal surgeon. Patients requiring a multi-disciplinary consultation will be discussed in a MDT clinic setting.

Patients can be referred to Professor Devinder Kumar and Dr Kathy Davis, Consultant Nurse Specialist by calling 07960 518422.

Date: 29/04/2013