Patient safety & quality accounts

Quality is at the heart of everything we do, across Nuffield Health. We aspire to be the best, safest and the most effective health and wellbeing provider there is, an organisation where our beneficiaries have a truly exceptional experience. Our Quality Assurance Framework supports the planning, delivery, monitoring, and continuous improvement of all the care and support we provide.

Our Quality Assurance Framework

1. Safety

Meeting the highest possible standards of safety by avoiding harm, upholding professional standards and acting responsibly.

2. Effectiveness

Being a trusted partner to our patients, members and customers by giving them a positive and reassuring experience.

3. Experience

Providing evidence-based health and wellbeing expertise and services that lead to excellent outcomes

Quality Accounts

We are proud to present our latest Quality Account as a sound demonstration of our commitment to quality and safety. We have aimed to measure our progress objectively, identifying where we need and want to improve centred on the areas of patient safety, clinical effectiveness and patient experience.

To view our latest Quality Account, please click here.