Going Home

The Consultant in charge of your care will advise on the expected length of your stay at Parkside Hospital.

We recommend that you should not to attempt to drive for at least 24 hours after surgery or longer as advised by your Consultant and that you arrange for a friend or relative to come and collect you. If this is not possible, the Hospital can arrange a taxi or Private Ambulance at an additional charge.

If you have been prescribed an ongoing course of medication during your stay, this will be dispensed and supplied at the time of discharge and may be subject to an additional charge. Please ask for copies of any X-rays or other images undertaken during your stay as you will need to bring these with you when you return for any follow up consultations.

Remember, for the first 24 hours after your operation:

  • Do not drive (if you have stitches you may need to wait longer, please check your motor insurance policy)
  • Do not use any heavy equipment
  • Do not make any important decisions such as signing a legal document
  • Do not take sleeping tablets unless prescribed by your Consultant
  • Do not drink alcohol

Follow-up care

If you need to see your Consultant after you have been discharged, an appointment will either be made before you leave or as soon as possible afterwards. If you have any concerns or questions or are in need of advice after leaving the Hospital, please call us and ask to speak with the Duty Sister.


We’re constantly working hard to improve the services that we offer and patient feedback is always valued. We’d appreciate it if you’d be happy to complete and return our patient questionnaire at the end of your stay.