Accessibility guide

Level access YES NO Comments
The main entrance has level access.


  No We have a ramp in place or a lift
There is level access from the main entrance to:      
Main Reception Yes    
Accessible Toilet Yes    
Consulting Rooms Yes    
Imaging Yes    
Physiotherapy Yes    
Wards Yes    




  YES NO Comments
The walls and the doors have high colour contrast. No   We have bumper strips in place on walls and doors, however not colour contrasted. We provide chaperones to all patients, when required to escort throughout the builing.


Glass doors and full-height windows have contrast markings. Yes    
We have information available in large print on request. Yes    



  YES NO Comments
The fire alarm has flashing lights. Yes    
We have a hearing loop in the reception area and/or main patient waiting area Yes    
Some staff have disability awareness training. Yes    


  YES NO Comments
There are wheelchairs available to support people with mobility issues. Yes    
There is an accessible public toilet available Yes    
We have emergency evacuation procedures for disabled visitors. Yes    
Some staff have disability awareness training.


We have dedicated spaces available in the car park for Blue Badge Holders. Yes    
Quieter times
We can make appointments available at quieter times for people who are anxious in crowds