Parkside Consultants featured on The Daily Mail’s Good Doctors Guide

This week, the Daily Mail conducted a survey in which they asked over 260 consultants from 7 different specialties across the UK: ‘If your own nearest and dearest were to need treatment in your field, to whom would you refer them- and why?’

Yesterday’s unique guide was focused on Consultants who carry out breast reconstructive surgery on those affected by breast cancer.

Parkside’s very own Consultant Plastic Surgeons, Mr Paul Harris and Mr Simon Wood, were among those voted the best in their field by their peers, and referred to in the published article as some of ‘the best surgeons for breast cancer’!

Here’s what Mr Paul Harris’ peers said about him:

‘An unbelievable surgeon with brilliant results, who has great rapport with his patients,’ says one of his peers.’

‘His breasts always look amazing and never fail. You really cannot tell the reconstructed breast from the other. He can make a DIEP flap [where tissue from the abdomen is used to rebuild the breast] work well in virtually anyone. He is also very good at taking his patients’ views on board.’



Mr Simon Wood’s peers had equally wonderful things to say about him:

‘Huge experience on a very broad spectrum of breast reconstructions, including lots of difficult cases with women with advanced disease.’

‘He is a quiet, self-effacing man who publishes and presents widely [a sign he’s at the forefront of this field] and is very approachable, down-to-earth and genuine, with lots of common sense.’


We would like to congratulate both Simon and Paul on making such a positive impact on their peers and within their field!


Read the full article here or check out Parkside’s cosmetic surgery services.


*the votes and views presented in the Daily Mail’s article are taken from the personal opinions of Consultants, these are not results obtained from a scientific study.

Date: 07/06/2018