Our dietician’s Vegan-friendly Christmas dinner tips and advice

Christmas is a time of year when Vegans can feel left out. With veganism gaining in popularity, the chances of having a vegan Christmas dinner guest can be high. Here are some tips to provide a festive meal that everyone can enjoy


  • Choose a vegan-friendly starter for everyone, for example a suitable soup or salad, marinated mushrooms or a fresh fruit starter such as melon or grapefruit

Main Course

Roasted items (potatoes, parsnips etc)

  • Avoid roasting them in the same dish as the meat, or anywhere where meat juices can splash onto them
  • Avoid coating food in any animal products, including lard, honey, butter or goose fat. Vegetable oil or olive oil work just fine
  • Remember that honey is an animal product and therefore not suitable for vegans, so watch out for those honey-roast parsnips. If you’re making your own, try using maple syrup instead of honey

Vegetables and other potato based items

  • Avoid using butter – olive oil or vegan margarine are suitable alternatives
  • Don’t add milk to dishes such as creamed potatoes. Non-dairy milk such as soya, oat, nut or rice milk can be used instead

Stuffing, gravy and sauces

  • Many stuffing mixes are suitable for vegans (just check the label). Home-made stuffing can be made vegan by using vegan margarine instead of butter and not including any other ingredients based on animal products
  • Check that some gravy granules are specifically suitable for vegans, and are not just ‘vegetarian’ granules
  • Many cranberry sauces and apple sauces are suitable for vegans, again, just check the label


  • Most shop-bought mince pies include milk products in the pastry, so you will need to check the ingredients. Although some supermarket brands will cater for vegans, you’re more likely to find vegan mince pies in wholefoods shops
  • Many brands of mincemeat are suitable for vegans –you can make your own mince pies using vegetable fat or vegan margarine in the pastry
  • Some shop-bought Christmas puddings are suitable for vegans, just check the labels
  • Serve with dairy-free cream or ice cream such as Alpro soya single cream or Swedish Glace ice cream (all commonly available in supermarkets)
  • If your guests are not into Christmas pudding, why not try a vegan cheesecake, poached pears, sorbet, or a vegan fruit crumble instead?

Date: 20/12/2017