Parkside Private Hospital Rated No.1 Across Greater London in 2018

Each year, Howard Warwick Associates Ltd. conducts an independent survey in which patients can rate private healthcare providers on all aspects of their care and treatment. In 2018, Parkside Private Hospital received a total of 4,173 responses out of the 36,042 patients who participated in the survey across a total of 20 London hospitals. Figures for the survey were based on the percentage of patients selecting ‘Extremely likely’, ‘Excellent’ or ‘Yes, definitely’ in response to specific questions surrounding their care.


Parkside Private Hospital are pleased to announce that they have been ranked number 1 in a total of 15 categories against other London hospitals by patients!


“I’m thrilled that our patients have taken the time to give us their feedback and recognise our teams’ hard work to care for them. Our team truly deserve to be number 1; we stand out in services right across the hospital when compared to other London facilities. I’m proud to know that our patients think we really are world class.”

Phil Bates, Hospital Director


The hospital received top ratings for their quality of care, physiotherapy care and treatment, operating theatre staff, and pharmacy.

As well as this, patients have ranked Parkside Private Hospital first, above all other London private hospitals, for providing exceptional communication, including sufficient post-operative information, sharing important contacts upon discharge, involving patients in decisions surrounding their care, providing support during times of worry or fear and treating patients with dignity and respect during their stay.

Not only this, but the consultants practising at Parkside Private Hospital have also received number 1 ratings, with patients expressing top levels of satisfaction with the quality of communication provided by consultants to both them and their families, explaining things in a way that patients could easily understand, and the overall quality of care.

Parkside Private Hospital has been providing exceptional healthcare to local, national and international communities for over 35 years, and are so proud to have received such positive feedback from patients on all of these areas.


Date: 18/02/2019