Nuclear Medicine available at Parkside Hospital / Cancer Centre London

Nuclear Medicine is now available at Cancer Centre London . It has expanded its range of diagnostic tests for oncology and non-oncology patients, providing a service for Parkside Hospital, Cancer Centre London, surrounding hospitals and GPs.

The department liaises closely with the X-ray department, Chemotherapy and the Radiotherapy areas to provide a friendly, efficient and professional service.

Tests can be booked directly with the department and for most tests can be done within a couple of days but this depends on the availability of the radiopharmaceutical required for the test. Reports are sent to the referring consultants as soon as they are available.

Nuclear Medicine Treatments are also undertaken for outpatients. Patients need to be referred to one of the consultants here who hold an ARSAC certificate for these treatments.

All diagnostic and treatments can be discussed with the department which is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. For further information, please contact the Nuclear Medicine department on 020 8247 3428 or fax on 020 8247 3381/3366. You may also contact us via email on


Date: 24/08/2010