Muscle Recovery – Post Event

Well done for completing Ride London! What’s next for you? If you’re relatively new to cycling, but have caught the bug you may be looking to take part in other Sportives, but first recovery is key!


Take a ride to recover!

Rather than sit out and rest for a few days, our physiotherapy team would encourage you to get back on the bike as soon as possible – this not only keeps your metabolism going, but also assists the blood flow and reduces the inflammation and muscle fatigue caused by the ride.


Don’t overdo it!

A recovery ride should be between 60-90 minutes maximum – there’s no benefit of pushing your body too hard at this stage, so intensity should be level with your heart rate in zone 1, I’m sure this will be music to many ears, but do avoid any hill climbs or anything too strenuous during your recovery ride.


Go beyond the bike in terms of your muscle activity!

Self-massage with a foam roller is a great method for muscle recovery. Other activity recovery moves are recommended including using compression garments.


Now something which will excite all those fellow foodies; you should replenish your body! Ensure you get a good balance of protein and carbohydrates into your body at mealtimes, but also food which are high in anti-oxidants such as fruit, berries and even some wines are recommended.


So what’s next?

Now you’ve got a good taste for a ride, there are plenty of bike event organisers out there and various distances to further challenge you. Maybe consider some of “Wiggle’s” events like the New Forest 100. Or if you want a bigger multiday event consider the classic London to Paris! If you enjoyed the Surrey hills, why not try Velothon Wales next year to push your climbing skills? Whatever you do, don’t leave your bike to get dusty, get something in the diary to work towards!


Before your next ride!

Do consider our fantastic bike fit assessment here at Parkside.


This assessment is suitable for all cyclists and will ensure that your bike is set up properly to prevent overuse and postural injuries from cycling in the incorrect position. Small adjustments on your bikes set up can also improve your performance with less exertion on the legs which is fantastic if you’re an experienced cyclist aiming for a PB! For more information or to book your assessment click here.

Date: 01/08/2016