Investing in patient care

At Parkside Hospital we continue to strive towards providing the highest standard of care and have recently appointed Allison Bullivant as Matron of Parkside Hospital.  Allison brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in this key leadership role having worked at Parkside for 12 years, progressing from Outpatient Sister, to Outpatient Manager and now to Matron.


We have introduced a Matron at Parkside hospital as a strategy to further improve patient care and give our clinical staff the support they need to achieve excellence across the hospital.  At Parkside Hospital we have a clear commitment to our patients, ensuring that our services are of the highest quality.  We already hold robust systems regarding clinical governance and practising privileges, to ensure patients are cared for in a safe environment by trained and competent staff, however our Matron, Allison, will further secure these standard of care through her leadership to fellow professionals and direct staff.


Speaking of her new role, Allison said “I look forward to new challenges and being a key player in raising our nursing standards so that we reach our full potential”.  


Allison will provide a visible and accessible presence on ward settings, whereby patients and family members can turn to her for assistance, advice and support. She will ensure every patient is treated with dignity and respect and ensure the smooth running of the hospital by supporting patients, the public and staff.



Date: 07/03/2017