Referral Information

Referring your patients to Parkside Private Hospital or Cancer Centre London is easy to do


Outpatient referrals

You can refer a patient directly to one of our consultants.

For a directory of our consultants go to


Alternatively, you can also refer direct to an outpatient service, where there is no named consultant. Our Outpatients team will select the most appropriate consultant to manage your patient’s particular condition. You can refer by using the following methods:


  • Download a referral form below and fax to 020 8971 8002
  • Write your own letter of referral and fax to 020 8971 8002


Diagnostic referrals

You can refer to a wide range of diagnostic imaging modalities including x-ray, ultrasound, extremity MRI and mammography. Experienced radiographers will undertake the examinations, with the report read by a Consultant Radiologist and returned directly to you.

To refer your patient, please download the relevant referral form(s) below and fill them in either by hand or on your computer and fax to 020 8947 1526.

Alternatively, give the completed form(s) to your patient for them to make their own appointment with us by calling 020 8971 8025.


You, or your patient, can email imaging referrals securely to


Download referral forms