Getting back to being you

We always like to receive positive feedback from our patients, and we also love to stay in touch to see how their getting on after surgery.

One particularly success story we thought was too good to not to share. The patient in this story is Ben. Ben was an active, healthy rugby player who had the bad fortune of being diagnosed with a complete ACL tear and damaged meniscus. Not ideal for a rugby player. Ben came to us and was seen by Mr Martin Goddard, Consultant Orthopaedic Knee Surgeon, and underwent ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair. After a sucessful surgery, a lot of physiotherapy and determination, Ben got back in touch with Mr Goddard:


“Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything over the past year and a bit. It’s been a long journey, ever since the first consultation, when you gave me the bad news up, until our meeting in January, when you said it was OK for me to head back out there onto the field – despite the lingering thought that it’s probably best I take up a softer sport like golf. I finally made it back out last week against University of Leicester and played the entire second half, having told the coach that the full 80 mins wouldn’t be the best idea straight away after 518 days out injured (not that I was counting..). Beating UoL for the first time in 5 years was a great feeling for the entire team and rugby society, but personally getting back out there was huge for me having thought at some points during the rehabilitation I wouldn’t make it back out. But thanks to you, your team and everyone else around me, I was able to run out there again (without any pains or aches in the knee) which meant so much.”

We’re extremely happy for Ben, and proud of him, Mr Goddard and the team that made this recovery such a success.



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Date: 09/04/2018