Festive Season Alcohol Survival Tips

With Christmas jumpers making an appearance, and festive events flocking your schedule, no doubt the festive tipples will be starting to flow.

Here are 5 tips to have both a merry Christmas and stay healthy over this year’s festivities.


1. Limit alcohol to a few select events

Choose the few events where you’ll most likely enjoy a couple of drinks and    make sure you pass on the remaining ones.


2. Plan your drinks

There are 7 calories per gram of alcohol – second only to fat at 9 calories per gram. Try setting yourself an alcohol limit before arriving at a party or social function. A good strategy is to try alternating alcohol with water or diet soft drinks which will definitely help you drink less while also keeping you hydrated.


3. Eat before the party

Avoid drinking on an empty stomach – A healthy meal before you go out, or before your first drink, can help to slow down the absorption of alcohol, helping you stay in control.


4. Downsize your drinks

If you’re a beer drinker, make the units go further by having bottles of beer or halves instead of pints. If you’re a wine drinker then opt for a smaller glass for your wine. Buying spritzers or shandies will also help keep that unit count down.


5. Sip slowly

Cherish your drink slowly and let it last. By the end of the night, you would have drunk much less (and taken in less calories) over the course of the evening.



Date: 03/01/2018