Eat Well With Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood is higher than normal because your body cannot use it properly. You will either be treated with dietary advice or medication to help control your blood glucose levels. 


Our dietitian Michelle Bremang has put together some tips to help you better manage your condition. See her top tips to eat well with diabetes below:


Regular meals – A regular meal pattern based on high fibre carbohydrates will help to stabilise your blood glucose levels. This will also help you to avoid overeating or snacking on sugary foods due to hunger.


Soluble fibre – This fibre acts as a ‘sponge’ to mop up excess glucose. Incorporating more soluble fibre into your diet will contribute towards controlling your blood glucose levels. Examples of excellent sources of soluble fibre include beans, pulses and porridge.


Think of your drinks – if you are drinking lots of fruit juices, smoothies or fizzy drinks, you could be taking in more sugar than you realise. Consider swapping to no-added sugar squashes and alternatives.


Don’t forget your five a day –  You can have any type of fruit, vegetables or salad you enjoy. Due to the natural sugar contained in fruit, it is best to aim for 2 portions a day, preferably alongside a meal. A portion of fruit would be anything that fits in your hand e.g. a handful of grapes, a small banana, 2 small plums or half a grapefruit. Vegetables or salad can be used to make up the rest of your five a day portions.


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Date: 02/06/2017