Mr Oliver Seyfried

Consultant in Pain Medicine


Clinical interests:

  • Pain management of ongoing and/or chronic pain
  • Sciatica
  • Back pain
  • Arthritis of back, knees, shoulder or neck
  • Pain injections

Fees, Training & Background:

Dr Oliver Seyfried is a Consultant in Pain Medicine, specialising in the management of ongoing and/or chronic pain, whether the pain is neuropathic or musculoskeletal.

From sciatica and back pain to post surgery pain and arthritis of the back, knees, shoulder or neck, Oliver Seyfried takes a holistic standpoint and provides a tailored approach to each and every patient.

After a thorough assessment and full discussion, Oliver Seyfried will work out the best course of action, whether that is conservative management, referral, reduction, removal or injections to alter the way the pain signals are carried to the brain.

Oliver Seyfried supports his patients for as long as necessary, keeping them under review and referring them to a surgical colleague if necessary.