Cancer Centre London offers advanced Radiotherapy

Cancer Centre London is the first private hospital in London to provide advanced radiotherapy treatment delivered by Elekta Versa HD™.

The Versa HD linear accelerator machine offers advanced radiotherapy techniques that enable high precision treatment in managing a range of cancers in the head and neck, lung, breast and prostate. It has the ability to continually reshape the radiation beam to the fine contours of the tumour so a higher dose of radiation can be delivered. In addition the Versa HD uses an automated software called “response” in conjunction with Active Breathing Control (ABC). This permits advanced 4D radiotherapy delivery, where motion management is taken in account during treatment. This technology is used when treating left-sided breast cancer. ABC with response will ensure that the Versa HD only delivers radiation treatment when the patient is in breath hold and the heart is fully out of the radiation field. The machine was designed in collaboration with clinicians, so it is fine-tuned to the patient’s needs.

Aspen Healthcare CEO, Des Shiels, said: “The Versa HD linear accelerator is at the cutting edge of the most recent technology in the provision of radiotherapy, and will ensure CCL retains its position as a both a pioneer and market leader.”

Two patients have been treated so far using the advanced image guided technology (IGRT). This allowed accurate coverage of the tumour volume by the treatment beams. The planned target volume in the lung was clearly visible and remarkable reduction in the size of the tumour was seen on the advanced IGRT modality after two weeks of radiotherapy.

Date: 23/10/2014