BNF Healthy Eating Week: Breakfast Tips!

As today marks the start of BNF Healthy Eating Week, we thought: what better way to kickstart the week than by busting a breakfast myth and giving you some great tips for your first meal of the day? Courtesy of our fantastic Dietitian, Michelle Bremang.

Diet Myth:

Skipping breakfast is a good way to lose weight

Diet Truth:

Apart from making you feel tired and lacking in energy, skipping meals – especially breakfast, will make you feel hungrier and make you a lot more likely to reach for high-fat, high-calorie snacks. Studies actually show that, people who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthier weight than those who don’t eat breakfast.

Breakfast Tips

For a healthier option at breakfast time, choose wholegrain cereals that are lower in sugar, fat and salt, and contain fibre and B vitamins, among other nutrients. Examples can include whole wheat cereal biscuits, shredded wholegrain pillows and porridge oats. Look at the nutrition labels to help you compare brands and opt for the healthier version of a product.

Muesli, which usually contains wholegrains and fruit, is often seen as a healthier option, but many brands can be high in fat, added sugar and in some cases, even added salt – so it is worth checking the labels.

Nutritional information is stated in both per 100g and per serving of a product, which can be useful when comparing one cereal brand with another. Traffic light labelling can also help you to identify healthier choices – the more ‘greens’ on the label, the healthier the product you are choosing.



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Date: 11/06/2018