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Chronic pain – five ways to manage debilitating pain

Chronic pain is a debilitating condition that changes lives. Being bedridden one day but unimpaired the next can be difficult to understand and to explain to others. It’s normal to feel angry when pain hinders you from activities you enjoy or the ability to take part in routine tasks. Dr Sarang Puranik, Consultant in Pain Management at Parkside, looks at some of the best ways to manage chronic pain.
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HRT and breast cancer risk: the bogeyman in perspective

In this article Professor Isaac Manyonda, Consultant Gynaecologist, looks in more detail at HRT and the risk of breast cancer. It can be argued that 'the big C' - breast cancer - is a major determinant of whether women take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or not. Yes, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the developed world, accounting for 30% of all cancers in these women. And as we approach October, breast cancer awareness month, this fact is ever more pertinent.