Bariatric Breakthrough

Last week, our bariatric surgeon Professor Marcus Reddy carried out the first day-case gastric bypass procedure in the UK.

Gastric bypass surgery is a major operation for weight loss, and over 3000 of these operations are performed each year in the UK. Traditionally patients used to stay in hospital for up to 1 week but with advances in both anaesthetic and surgical techniques, such as keyhole surgery, the hospital stay has been reduced typically to 2-3 nights.

Having evaluated the anaesthetic and operative protocols, the St. George’s Hospital team – led by surgeons Professor Marcus Reddy (left) and Mr Omar Khan (right), have further developed the surgical, anaesthetic and postoperative care pathway and last week performed the first UK day-case gastric bypass.

Professor Reddy commented “I am delighted to be introducing day-case gastric bypass to the UK.  As part of the team that first introduced day-case abdominal surgery to St George’s 14 years ago, I see this development as part of the natural evolution of surgery where we are able to perform more and more complex procedures safely with same day discharge.”

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Date: 05/02/2018